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Can I customize my own Google Homepage?
Certainly! You can now browse the internet with your very own fully customized web browser. Fancy Homepage allows you to create your own free, customized Google Homepage theme in which you control Title, Font Type, Colors, Background and more.

What is Fancy Homepage?
Fancy Homepage is an easy way to customize your Google homepage. Simply select a theme from various categories or make your own design. Fancy Homepage also allows you to share your themes with other users or private.

What is a Homepage?
Home page is the first web site page that is displayed upon starting your web browser, whether it be Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Fancy Homepage allows you can make your very own fully customized homepage. Fancy Homepage also uses the Google Custom Search API, which is the same search system as used by Google, so don't worry, you'll still receive all the same search results.

Does it work with any Web Browser?
Fancy Homepage is cross browser compatible. That means you can use our custom homepages with any web browser you are already using.

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